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The third edition of Data Modeling Essentials by Graeme Simsion and Graham Witt was released in 2004. The fourth edition is due for release in 2013.

Articles by Graeme Simsion in The Data Administration Newsletter:

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"Conceptual, Logical, Physical: Clearing the Confusion"
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"Better Data Models Today - Understanding Data Model Quality" (Issue 34)

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"Tackling Data Modelers' toughest challenge"
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"What's Wrong with the Zachman Framework?" (Issue 31)

"You're Making it Up - Data Modeling: Analysis or Design?"
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View them online at: www.tdan.com.

Hear Graeme Simsion interviewed on Data Modeling by Dr Greg Low of Readify on his SQL Down Under site.

Third Edition of Data Modeling Essentials
ow available.
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann (An imprint of Elsevier)
500 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA, 94111
ISBN: 0-12-644551-6

To view the Table of Contents, click here

To read Steve Hoberman's review in DM Review

Graham Witt and I are very pleased to announce the birth of the third edition of Data Modeling Essentials – a very big step forward from Edition 2. It's been a long journey from the first edition, published by Van Nostrand Reinhold in 1992. The rights to the book moved to International Thompson, then to Coriolis, who published the second edition four years ago. With the closure of Coriolis, we were approached by Morgan Kaufmann, an imprint of Elsevier, who have an excellent reputation in the data management field. We've worked with them over the last year to produce a thoroughly reorganised and revised edition.

Graham Witt, who contributed substantially to the second edition, is now a full co-author and this edition has been very much a joint project. Reconciling our different perspectives was a major job – but we believe it's resulted in a more balanced book.

What's New?
We've made substantial changes to every chapter – but the biggest change is the inclusion of a new Part. The original book was in two parts: “The Basics” and “Advanced Techniques”. We've retained these, with some additions, but added a new Part “Putting it Together” which takes the reader step-by-step through the data modelling process – from project planning and requirements analysis through conceptual, logical and physical design.

Who's if for?
Our target audience has always been practitioners - not just data modelling and database design specialists, but information systems professionals from all areas who want an understanding of this critical phase in systems design.

BUT: we've been gratified in the past by how many colleges and universities have adopted the book, generally because it takes a non-mathematical approach without sacrificing rigour. To support this group, we've added a section on “Further Reading” and provided references in footnotes throughout. Morgan Kaufmann is making a teaching pack and plus the diagrams in UML notation available on their website.

Early reviews

"The perfect balance of theory and practice..."
- Karen Lopez, Principal, InfoAdvisors, Inc.

"The complete guide to data modeling for the reflective practitioner"
- Professor Graeme Shanks, Monash University.

"... an invaluable resource to anyone involved in data modeling"
- Len Silverston, author of "The Data Model Resource Book"

"... an extraordinary amount of good, useful and well articulated information"
- David Hay, Author of Data Model Patterns

Reviews of the first and second editions

"As I read a book, I turn down the corners of the pages where the author has coined a catchy phrase that I can incorporate into a management presentation, or provided me with important insight or an explanation I want to refer to in one of the classes I teach. In my copy of Graeme Simsion's Data Modeling Essentials: Analysis Design and Innovation, more than half the pages are turned down. Whole paragraphs are marked off in highlighter…"

- Terry Moriarty, Database Programming and Design

"This is the only genuinely readable book in my library on the often dry subject of data modelling… [Simsion] is thorough without being tiring. This is a must-own.

- Applied Information Science

Ordering Information

USA Inquiries:
Available from good technical bookstores (Amazon price currently [April 2005] is $40.77 with free delivery in US) and direct from Morgan Kaufmann (discount code: 80810) www.mkp.com.

United Kingdom Enquiries:
Available from Amazon in the UK for £25.19 plus free delivery within UK.

Australian Enquiries:
Annabel Dent
Product Manager
Science & Technology Division
Elsevier Australia
30 - 52 Smidmore St
Marrickville NSW 2204
Tel: + 61 2 9517 8917 (direct)
Tel: + 61 2 9517 8999 (reception)
Fax: + 61 2 9517 2249
Email: a.dent@elsevier.com

Teaching materials available at: http://www.mkp.com/companions/0126445516